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Abkürzung Kurzbeschreibung Abkürzung Kurzbeschreibung
3G Dritte Generation MA Multiple Access
3GPP Third Generation Partnership Projekt MAC Medium Access Control
8-PSK 8-Phase Shift Keying MAP Mobile Application Part
AAL ATM Adaptation Layer MARS Multicast Address Resolution Server
AAL2 ATM Adaptation Layer Type2 MBONE Multicast Backbone
AAL3 ATM Adaptation Layer Type3 MCC Mobile Country Code
Mcps Mega-chips per second
ABBH Average Bouncing Busy Hours MDS Multimedia Distribution Service
ABR Area Border Router ME Mobile Equipment
AC Admission Control MEHO Mobile evaluated handover
ACCH Associated Control Channel MER Message Error Rate
ACE Access Control Entry MExE Mobile Equipment Execution Enviorement
ACIR Adjacent Channel Interference Ratio MF Mobile Filter
ACK Acknowledgement MGW Media Gateway
ACLR Adjacent Channel Selectivity MGWF Media Gateway Funktion
ACM Adress Complete Message MHS Message Handling System
ADSL Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line MIB Management Information Base
AES Advanced Encryption Standard MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface
AESA ATM End System Adress MILNET Military Network
AET Access to Exchange Terminal MM Mobility Management
AFI Authority and Format Identifier MMI Man Maschine Interface
AFS Andrew File System MNC Mobile Network Code
AI Acquisition Indicator MNP Microcom Network Protocol
AICH Acquisition Indication Channel MO Mobile Originated
AIFF Audio Interchange File Format MOC Mobile Originated Call
AIM AOL Instant Messenger MOHO Mobile Orginated Handover
AIUR Air Interface User Rate MOM Managed Object Model
AL Alarm Board MOO MUD Object-Oriented
ALCAP Access Link Control Application Protocoll MP Main Processor
ALCAP Generic protocol name
ALI ATM Alarm Interface  
AMPS Advanced Mobile Phone Service  
AMPS Advanced Mobile Phone System MPB Main Processor Board
AMR Adaptive Multi Rate MPC Main Processor Cluster
ANM Answer Message MPC MPOA Client
ANSI American National Standards Institute MPEG Moving Pictures Experts Group
AOC Advice of Charge MPOA Multiprotocol Over ATM
AP Access Point MPR Statens Mät-och Provrad
AP Access preamble MPS MPOA Server
APC Association for Progressive Computing MS Mobile Station
API Application Programming Interface MSB Most Significant Bit
APN Access Point Name MSC Mobile Services Switching Center
APR Access Point Roaming MSC Mobile Switching Center
ARE All Routes Explorer MSF Multi Switching Forum
ARFCN Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number MSID Mobile Station Identifer
ARIB Association of Radio Industrie and Business MSK Minimum Shift Keying
ARP Address Resolution Protocol MSN Microsoft Network
ARPA Advanced Research Projects Agency MSN Multiple Subscriber Line
ARQ Automatic Repeat Request MSS Mobile Satelite System
AS Access Slots MT Mobile Terminated
AS Access Stratum MTC Mobile Terminated Call
AS Autonomous System MTP Message Transfer Part
ASBR Autonomous System Boundary Router MTP3-B Message Transfer Part level 3
ASC Access Servive Class MTU Maximum Transmission Unit
ASCC ATM Switch Core Unit MTU Message Transfer Unit
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange MUD Multi User Dungeon
ASIC Application Specific Integrated Circuit MUG Multi User Game
ASN.1 Abstract Syntax Notation One MUI Mobile User Identifer
ASP Application Service Provider NAK Negative Acknowledgement
AT Advanced Technology NAS Non-Access Stratum
ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode NAT Network Address Translation
ATP Adaptive Tolerant Protocol NBAP NodeB Application Part
AUC Authentication Center NBMA Non-Broadcast Multi-Access (e.g. ATM, Frame Relay)
AuC Authority Center NC Network Computer
AVI Audio Video Interleave NCH Network Connection Handling
AVV Antennenvorverstärker NCSA National Center for Supercomputing Applications
AWGN Additive White Gaussian Noice NDIS Network Driver Interface Specification
B-LLI Broadband Low Layer Information NE Network Element
BBR Backbone Ring NEHO Network evaluated Handover
BBS Bulletin Board System NFS Network File System
BCC Blind Carbon Copy NHC Next Hop Client
BCCH Broadcast Control Channel NHRP Next Hop Resolution Protocol
BCFE Broadcast Control Functional Entity NHS Next Hop Server
BCH Broadcast Channel NIC Network Information Center
BCOB-C Broadband Bearer Connection Oriented Service Type C NLSP NetWare Link State Protocol
BCOB-X Broadband Bearer Connection Oriented Service Type X NMS Network Management System
BDR Backup Designated Router NMSI National Mobile Subscriber Identity
BER Bit Error Rate NMT Nordic Mobile Telephone
BGP Border Gateway Grotocol NNI Network-Node Interface
BGW Billing Gateway NNTP Network News Transport Protocol
BID Binding Identity NPT Network Performance Tool
BIOS basic input/output system NRAM Non-volatile Random Access Memory
BISUP Broadband ISDN User Part NRT Non-Real Time
BLER Block Error Rate NS Network Service
BMT Biel Mean Time NSAP Network Service Access Point
BN Bridge Number NSF National Science Foundation
BOL Bertelsmann Online NSFNET National Science Foundation Network
BP Board Processor NSR Non-Source Routed
BPDU Bridge Protocol Data Unit Nt Notification (SAP)
BPM Board Processor Module NTP Network Time Protocol
BPP Bridge Port Pair (Source Routing Descriptor) NW Network
Bps Bit pro Sekunde O&M Operation and Maintenance
BPSK Binary Phase Shift Keying OAO over and out
BQTF Bluetooth Qualification Test Facility OCCCH ODMA Common Control Channel
BRI Basic Rate Interface OCR Optical Character Recognition
BS Base Station ODBC Open Database Connectivity
BS Base Station; Basisstation ODCCH ODMA Dedicated Control Channel
BSC Base Station Controller ODCH ODMA Dedicated Channel
BSI Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik ODI Open Data-Link Interface
BSIC Base Station Identity Code ODMA Opportunity Driven Multiple Access
BSS Base Station Subsystem ODTCH ODMA Dedicated Traffic Channel
BSS Base Station System OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
BSS Basisstation OFDMA Orthogonal FDMA
BSSAP+ Base Station System Application Part+ OMS Operation Management System
BSSGP Base Station System GPRS Part ORACH ODMA Random Access Chennel
BSSGP BSS GPRS Protocol ORB Object Request Broker
BTDT been there done that OS Operating System
BTS Base Transceiver Station OSA Open System Architecture
BTX Bildschirmtext OSI Open Systems Interconnection
BUS Broadcast and Unknown Server OSPF Open Shortest Path First
BZT Bundesamt für Zulassungen in der Telekommunikation OSS Operating Support System
C- Control- OUI Organizational Unit Identifier
C2-Kriterium Cell Reselection Criterion OVSF Orthogonal Variable Spreading Factor
CA Capacity Allocation PBA Printed Board Assembly
CAA Capacity Allocation Acknowledgement PC Power Control
CAD Computer Aided Design PCCC Parallel Concatenated Convolutional Code
CAM Computer Aided Manufacturing PCCH Paging Control Channel
CAMEL Customized Application for Mobile Enhanced Logic PCH Paging Channel
CAP Camel Application Part PCMCIA Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
CAPI Common Application Programming Interface PCPCH Physical Common Packet Channel
CARL Colorado Alliance of Research Laboratories PCR Peak Cell Rate
CATT China Academy of Telecommunication Technology PCS Personal Communication System
CAVE Cave Automatic Virtual Environmen PCU Packet Control Unit
CB Cell Broadcast PDA Personal Digital Assistant
CBCH Cell Broadcast Channel PDC Pacific Digital Cellular
CBR Constant Bir Rate PDH Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchie
CC Call Control PDP Packet Data Protocol
CC Carbon Copy PDP-Address Packet Data Protocol Address
CCB Costumer Care and Billing PDP-Context Packet Data Protocol Context
CCC Chaos Computer Club PDSCH Physical Downlink Shared Channel
CCCH Common Control Channel PDU Power Distribution Unit
CCH Control Channel PDU Protocol Data Unit
CCITT Comité Consultatif International Télégraphique et Téléphonique PERL Practical Extension and Report Language
CCPCH Common Control Physical Channel PG Processing Gain
CCTrCH Code Composite Transport Chanel PGP Pretty Good Privacy
CCU Chanel Codec Unit PHP Professional Home Page
CD Capacity Deallocation, Collosion Detection PHS Personal Handyphone System
CD-I Compact Disc Interactive PHTML Private Hypertext Markup Language
CD-ROM Compact Disc Read-Only Memory PHY Physical Layer
CDA Capacity Deallocation Acknowledgement PhyCH Physical Channel
CDF Channel Definition Format PI Page Indicator
CDMA Code Division Multiple Access PICH Paging Indication Channel
CDPD Cellular Digital Packet Data PICS Platform for Internet Content Selection
CEPT Conférence Européenne des Administrations des Postes et des Télécommunications PID Packet Identification
CERN Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire PIN Personal Identification Number
CFN Connection Frame Number PIN Persönliche Identifikations-Nummer
CFV Call For Votes PING Packet Internet Groper
CGF Charging Gateway Function pkt Packet Control
CGI Common Gateway Interface PLMN Public Land Mobile Network
CGSN Combined GPRS Support Node PLU Periodic Location Update
CI Cell Identity PM Performance Measurement
CIE Client Information Element PMD Pysical Media Dependent
CIM CompuServe Information Manager PN Pseudo Noice
CIMB Common Management Information Protokoll PNG Portable Network Graphics
CIS CompuServe Information Service PNNI Private Network-Node Interface QoS Quality of Service
CISC Complex Instruction Set Computer POD piece of data
CIX Commercial Internet Exchange POP Post Office Protocol
CLIP Calling Line Information Presentation POP3 Post Office Protocol Version 3
CLIR Calling Line Information Restriction POST Power On Self Test
CLM Career Limiting Move POTS Plain Old Telefony System
CM Connection Management PPM Parts per Million
CML Chemical Markup Language PPP Point to Point Protocol
CMOS Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductors PRACH Physical Random Access Channel
CN Core Network PRI Primary Rate Interface
CORBA Common Object Request Broker Architecture PRN Provide Roaming Number Message
CoSy Conferencing System PROM Programmable Read-Only Memory
COTS Commercial off-the-shelf PS Packet Swiched
CPA Cost-Per-Action PS Packet Switching
PS PostScript
CPCH Common Packet Channel PSC Primary Scrambling Code
CPCS Common Part Convergence Sublayer PSC Primary Synchronization Code PSCCCH / Pysical Shared Channel Control Channel
CPCS-PDU Common Part Convergence Sub-layer Protocol Data Unit PSCCCH Physical Shared Channel Control Channel
CPICH Common Pilot Channel PSCH Pysical Shared Memory
CPN Customer Premises Network PSK Phase Shift Keying
CPS Characters Per Second PTM Paket Transfer Mode
CPS Common Part Sublayer PTM Point-to-Multipoint
CPS Cost-Per-Sale PTM-G Point-to-Multipoint Group Call
CPU Central Processing Unit PTM-M Point-to-Multipoint Multicast
CRC Cyclic Redundancy Checking PTM-SC Point to Multipoint Sevice Center
CREN Corporation for Research and Education Networking PU Payload Unit
CRNC Controlling Radio Network Controller PUK Personal Unlocking Key
crt connect control QoP Quality of Position
CS Channel Codind Scheme QoS Quality of Service
CS Circuit Switching QPSK Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
CSD Circuit Switched Data QT VR QuickTime Virtual Reality
CSD Circuit Switching Data QTD Quote of The Day
CSLIP Compressed Serial Line Internet Protocol R&D Research & Development
CSS Cascading Style Sheets RA Routing Area
CTCH Common Traffic Channel RAB Radio Access Bearer
CTDMA Code Time Division Multiple Access RACH Random Access Channel
CTS clear to send RADSL Rate-Adaptive Digital Subscriber Line
CUSI Configurable Unified Search Engine RAID Redundant Array of Independent/Inexpensive Disks
CW Continuous Wave (unmodulated signal) RAM Random Access Memory
DA Destination MAC address RAM disk Random Access Memory disk
DAB Digital Audio Broadcasting RANAP Radio Access Network Application Part
DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency RANOS Radio Access Networt Operation Support
DASD Direct Access Storage Device RARE Réseaux Associés pour la Recherche Européenne
DAT Digital Audio Tape RAS Remote Access Service
DBM Device Board Module RBS Radio Base Station,
DC Dedicated Control (SAP) RC Routing Control
DCA Dynamic Channel Allocation RCU Remote Clock Control
DCCH Dedicated Control Channel RD Route Descriptor
DCH Dedicated Channel RDF Resource Description Framework
DCN Data Communication Network RF Radio Frequency
DDE Dynamic Data Exchange RFC Request For Comment (Document Series)
DECT Digital European Cordless Telephone RFC request for comments
DES Data Encryption Standard RFD request for discussion
DFÜ Datenfernübertragung RI Routing Information
DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol RID Router Identifier
DHO Diversity Handover RII Routing Information Indicator
DHTML Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language RIP Routing Information Protocol
DL Downlink RIPE Réseaux IP Européens
DLL Data Link Layer RISC Reduced Instruction Set Computer
DLTT Downlink Test Tool RL Radio Link
DNS Domain Name Server RLC Radio Link Control
DOM Document Object Model RLCP Radio Link Control Protocol
DPCCH Dedicated Physical Control Channel RMP Resource Module Plattform
DPCH Dedicated Physical Channel RMS Release Mosaic
DPDCH Dedicated Physical Data Channel RNC Radio Network Controller
DR Designated Router RNDT Radio Network Design Tool
DRNC Drift Radio Network Controller RNS Radio Network Subsystem
DRNS Drift RNS RNSAP Radio Network Subsysten Application Part
DRX Discontinuous Reception RNTI Radio Network Temporary Identifier
DS-CDMA Direct-Sequence Code Division Multiple Access ROM Read-Only Memory
DSCH Downlink Shared Channel RPC Remote Procedure Call
DSLAM Digital Subscriber Line Application Modularity RPROM Reprogrammable Read-Only Memory
DSS1 Digital Subscriber Signaling System 1 RRC Radio Resource Control
DSSS Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum RRM Radio Resource Management
DSSSL Document Style Semantics and Specification Language RRU Remote Radio Unit
DTCH Dedicated Traffic Channel RSA Rivest, Shamir, Adleman
DTD Document Type Definition RSCP Received Signal Code Power
DTE Data Terminal Equipment RSSI Received Signal Strength Indicator
DTI Data Transmission Interface RSVP Resource Reservation Protocol
DTMF Dual Tone Multiple Frequency RT Real Time
DTP Desktop Publishing RT Routing Type
DTR Data Terminal Ready RTF Rich Text Format
DTX Discontinuous Transmission RTS/CTS request to send / clear to send
DVD Digital Video Disk, Digital Versatile Disk RTT Radio Transmission Technologies
DXX Digital Cross Connector RU Resource Unit
E-IDE Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics RX Receive
EARN European Academic Research Network RXLEV Reception Level
EC European Commission SA Source MAC Address
EDD Electronic Direct Debit; Elektronisches Direktdebet SAAL Signaling ATM Adaption Layer
SACCH Slow Associated Control Channel
EDGE Enhanced Data rates for Global Evolution SAP Service Access Point
EDGE Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution SAP Service Advertising Protocol
EDI Electronic Data Interchange SAR Segmentation and Reassembly
EFF Electronic Frontier Foundation SAT Sim Application Toolkit
EFR Enhanced Full Rate SC Service Capability
EFR, FR und HR Enhanced Full Rate, Full Rate und Half Rate SCB Switch Core Board
EFR-Codec Enhanced Full Rate Codec SCCH Synchronization Control Channel
EGP Exterior Gateway Protocol SCCP Signalling Connction Control Part
EIR Equipment Identity Register SCCPCH Secondary Common Control Physical Channel
EIRP Equivalent Isotropic Radiated Power SCF GSM Service Contol Function
EISA Extended Industry Standard Architecture SCH Synchronisation Channel
ELAN Emulated Local Area Network SCH Synchronization Channel
ELSPA European Leisure Software Publishers' Association SCP Service Control Point
EM Element Management SCPC Single Carrier Per Channel
EMS Enhanced Messaging Service SCSI Small Computer System Interface
EOF End of File SCSP Server Cache Synchronization Protocol
EPROM Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory SCTP S Common Transport Protokoll CHECK WITH wg3
EPS Encapsulated PostScript SCTP Simple Control Transmission Protocol
ERC European Radio Commision SDCCH Stand-Alone Dedicated Control Channel
ES End System SDH Synchronous Digithal Hierarchy
ES Evaluation (Experimental) System SDMI Secure Digital Music Initiative
ET Exchange Terminal SDO Standard Development Organisation
ETB Exchange Terminal Board SDRAM Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory
ETLA Extended Three Letter Acronym SDU Service Data Unit
ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute SEMPER Secure Electronic Marketplace for Europe
ETX End Of Text SET Secure Electronic Transaction
FACH Forward Access Channel SF Spreading Factor
FAQ frequently asked questions SFN System Frame Number
FAST Federation Against Software Theft SG Signalling Gateway
FAUSCH Fast Uplink Signaling Channel SG Study Group
FBI Feedback Information SGML Standard Generalized Markup Language
FCS Frame Check Sequence SGSN Serving GPRS Support Node
FDD Frequency Division Duplex Mode SGW Signalling Gateway
FDDI Fiber Distributed Data Interface SHTTP Secure HTTP
FDMA Frequency Division Multiplex Access SIG Special Interest Group
FEC Forward Error Control SIM Subscriber identity module
FEC Forward Error Correction SIM-T SIM-Toolkit
FER Frame Error Rate, Frame Erasure Rate SIP Session Initiation Protokoll
FH Frequency Hopping SIR Signal-to-Interference Ratio
FIRST Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams SIR Symbol to Interference Ratio
FN Frame Number SM Session Management
FNR Flexible Number Register SMG Special Mobile Group
FP Frame Protokoll SMIL Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language
FPGA Free Programmable Gateway Array SMOP small matter of programming
FPM-RAM Fast Page Mode Random Access Memory SMS Kurzmitteilungen
FR Frame Relay SMS Short Message Service
FR Full-Rate SMS-C Short Message Service Center
SMS-IWMSC Short Message Service interworking MSC
FTP File Transfer Protocol SMS-MSC Short Message Service MSC
FUBAR fouled/fucked up beyond all recognition fouled up beyond all repair SMS-SC Short Message Service Center
GA go ahead SMSCB SMS Cell Broadcast
GBP General Purpose Processor Board SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
GC General Control (SAP) SNAP SubNetwork Attachment Point
GCP Gateway Control Protokoll SNDCP Subnetwork Dependent Cenvergence Protocol
GDI Graphical Device Interface SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol
GG Gateway to Gateway Protocol SNR signal to noise ratio
GGSN Gateway GPRS Support Node SODIMM Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module
GIF Graphics Interchange Format SOHO Small Office Home Office
GK Gatekeeper SP Special Purpose Processor
GLR Gateway Location Register SP Switching Point
GMM GSM Mobility Management SPB Special Purpose Processor Board
GMSK Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying SPEC Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation;
GP Guard Period SPIC Space Switch Interface
GPB Generic Processor Board SPM Special Purpose Processor Module
GPL General Public License SPT Shortest Path Tree
GPRS General Packet Radio Service SQL Structured Query Language
GPRS General Packet Radio Services SR Source Routing (Bridging)
GPS Global Positioning System SRF Specifically Routed Frame
GS General Standard SRI Send Routing Information
GS Group Switch SRNC Serving Radio Network Controller
SRNS Serving Radio Network Subsystem
GSM Global System for Mobile Communication SRT Source Routing Transparent
GSM Groupe Spéciale Mobile SS Supplementary Service
GSM-R GSM-Rail SS Switching System
GSMS GPRS Short Message Service SS7 Signalling System No.7
GSN GPRS Support Node SSC Secondary Synchronization Code
GTP GPRS Tunneling Protocol SSCF Service Specific Coordination Function
GUI Graphical User Interface SSCF-NNI Service Specific Coordination Function - Network Node Interface
GW Gateway SSCF-UNI Service Specific Coordination Function-User Node Interface
HBCI HomeBanking Computer Interface SSCOP Service Specific Connection Oriented Protcol
HCS Hierachical Cell Structure SSCS Service Specific Convergence Sublayer
HDSL High Bit-Rate Digital Subscriber Line SSDT Site Selection Diversity Transmission
HHO Hard Handover SSIP Switching System Internet Protocol
HLR Home Location Register SSL Secure Sockets Layer
HO Handover SSMA Spread Spectrum Multiple Access
HR Half Rate SSSAR Service Specific Segmentation and Reassembly sublayer
HSCSD High Speed Circuit Switched Data STC Signalling Transfer Converter
HSMD High Speed Mobile Data STD Standard
HSS Home Location Service STE Spanning Tree Explorer
HST High Speed Technology STM Synchronous Transfer Mode
HTML Hypertext Markup Language STM Synchronous Transport Module
HTTP Hypertext Transfer/Transmission Protocol SVC Switched Virtual Channel Connection
HTTP 1.1 Hypertext Transfer Protocol 1.1 SVGA Super Video Graphics Array
HTTPng Hypertext Transfer Protocol next generation SW Software
HW Hardware SWAP Shared Wireless Access Protocol
IAB Internet Architecture Board SXB Switch Extension Board
IAM Initial Adress Message SysOp System Operator
IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority T-DSL Telekom Digital Subscriber Line
IAP Internet Access Provider T3212
ICANN Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers TACH/F
TAN Transaction Number
iCOMP Internet Control Message Protocol TAN Transaktionsnummer
icon Intel Comparitive Microprocessor Performance index; Tar tape archiver
ICP Internal Control Path TB Transparent Bridging
ICP Internet Commerce Provider TBS Transport Block Sets
IDE Integrated Drive Electronics TC Transmission Convergence
IDSL ISDN Digital Subscriber Line TCAP Transaction Capability Application Protocol
IE Information Element TCH Traffic Channel
IE Internet Explorer TCO Tjänstemännens Central Organisation
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers TCP Transmission Control Protocol
IETF Internet Engineering Task Force TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
IGMP IP Group Management Protocol TD-CDMA Time Division-CDMA
IGP Interior Gateway Protocol TDD Time Division Duplex
IIRC if I recall correctly TDM Time Division Multiplex
IISP Interim Inter-switch Signaling Protocol TDMA Time Division Multiple Access
ILMI Interim Local Management Interface TE Technical Equipment
IMA Inverse Multiplexing on ATM TF Transport Format
IMAP Internet Message Access Protocol TFC Transport Format Combination
IMEI International Mobile Equipment Identity TFCI Transport Format Combination Indicator
IMSI International Mobile Subscriber Identity TFCS Transport Format Combination Set
IMT International Mobile telecommunication TFI Transport Format Indicator
IMT-2000 International Mobile Telecommunication System-2000 TFS Transport Format Set
IMT2000 International Mobile Telecommunications TG Task Group
IN Intelligent Network TIA Telecommunication Industry Assosiation
INAP Intelligent Network Application Part TLA Three Letter Acronym
InATMARP Inverse ATM Address Resolution Protocol TLS Tarnsport Layer Security
ION Internetworking Over NBMA (Non-Broadcast Multi-Access) TLV Type-Length-Value Encoding
IOT Internet ohne Taktung TMN Telecommunication Management Network
IOW in other words TMSI Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity
IP Internet Protokoll TN Transmission Network
IP-M IP Multicast TNDN Transport Network Design Tool
IPng Internet-Protokoll der nächsten Generation TNS Transit Network Selection
IPO Initial Public Offering TOS Type Of Service
IPR Intelletual Property Right TPC Transmission Power Control
IPv4 Internet-Protokoll Version 4 TPDU Transfer Protocol Data Unit
IPv6 Internet-Protokoll Version 6 TRAM Tools for Radio Access Management
IPX Internet Package Exchange TRAU Tranceiver Rate Adaption Unit
IPX Internetwork Packet Exchange TRC Transcoder Controller
IRC Internet Relay Chat TrCH Transport Channel
IRQ Interrupt Request TRU Tranceiver Unit
IRTF Internet Research Task Force TSC Transit Switching Center
ISA Industry Standard Architecture TSG Technical Specification Groupe
ISCP Interference Signal Code Power TSTD Time Switched Transmit Diversity
ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network TTA Telecommunicatione Technology Association
ISHO Inter System HO TTC Telecommunication Technology Committee
ISL Inter-Subrack Link TTI Transport Timing Interval
ISM Implemented System Module TTL Time To Live
ISN Initial Sequence Number TU Timing Unit
ISO International Standardization Organisation TUB Timing Unit Board
ISOC Internet Society TWAIN Toolkit Without An Interesting Name
ISP Internet Service Provider TX Transmit
ISUP ISDN User Part UARFCH UTRA Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number
ITR Internet Talk Radio UARFN UTRA Absolute Radio Frequency Number
ITU International Telecommunication Union UCS Universal Character Set
ITU-T International Telecommunications Union - Section Telecommunication UDD Unconstrained Data
Iu Iu UDF Universal Disk Format
Iub Iub (Interface zwischen RNC und Node-B) UDI Unrestricted Digital Information
IVW Informationsgemeinschaft zur Feststellung der Verbreitung von Werbeträgern e.V. UDP User Datagram Protocol
IWF Interworking Function UE User Equipment
JANET Joint Academic Network UER Unit Error Rate
JD Joint Detection UER User Equipment with ODMA relay operation enabled
JP Joint Predistortion UHF Ultra High Frequency
JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group UITP User Information Transfer Protocol
JVI Java Virtual Maschine UMG UMTS Media Gateway
kbps kilo-bits per second UMS UMTS MSC Server
KIT Kernel for Intelligent Communication Terminals UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunications System
ksps kilo-symbols per second UNC Universal Naming Convention
L1 Layer 1 (physical layer) UNI User Network Interface
L2 Layer 2 (datalink layer) UNL Universal Networking Language
L3 Internetwork Layer UP User Plane
L3 Layer 3 (network layer) UPC Usage Parameter Control
L3MM Layer 3 Mobility Management UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply;
LAC Location Area Code URA User Registration Area
LAC Link Access Control URAN UMTS Radio Access Network
LAI Location Area Identity URI Uniform Resource Identifiers
LAN Local Area Network URL Uniform Resource Locator
LAN Local Area Network. URN Universal Resource Name
LANE LAN Emulation USB Universal Serial Bus
LCD Liquid Crystal Display USCH Uplink Shared Channel
LCD Low Constrained Delay USIM UMTS Subscriber Identity Module
LD LAN Destination USIM User Services Identity Module
LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol USSD Unstructured Supplementary Service Data
LE LAN Emulation UTRA UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access
LE_ARP LAN Emulation Address Resolution Protocol UTRA Universal Terrestrial Radio Access
LEC LAN Emulation Client UTRAN UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access
LECID LAN Emulation Client Identifier UTRAN Universal Terrestrial Radio Acces Network
LECS LAN Emulation Configuration Server Uu Uu
LED Light Emitting Diode UUCP Unix to Unix Copy Protocol
LES LAN Emulation Server UWC-136
LIS Logical IP Subnet VA Voice Activation Factor
LLC Logical Link Control VAN Value Added Network, Virtual Area Network
LPMUD LP-Multi User Dungeon VAS Value Added Service
LPS Local Positioning System VBR Variable Bit Rate
LPT Line Printer VC Virtual Circuit
LSA Link State Advertisement VC Virtual Community
LSA Local Service Area VCC Virtual Channel Connection
LSB Least Significant Bit VCI Virtual Channel Identifier
LSD Link State Database VDSL Very High Bit-Rate Digital Subscriber Line
LTH Length Field VGA Video Graphics Array
    VHE Virtual Home Enviroment
    VLR Visitor Location Register
    VoIP Voice over IP
    VPC Virtual Path Connection
    VPI Virtual Path Identifier
    VPS Virtual Packet Switch
    VR Virtual Reality
    VRML Virtual Reality Modeling Language;
    W3C World Wide Web Consortium
    WAE Wireless Application Enviroment
    WAIS Wide Area Information Server
    WAN Wide Area Network
    WAP Wireless Application Protocol
    WAV Wave Length Encoding
    WCDMA Wideband Code Division Multiple Access
    WML Wireless Markup Language
    WPP Wireless Packet Plattform
    WSP Wireless Session Layer ???
    WTA Wireless Telephony Application
    WTLS Wireless Transport Layer Security
    WWW World Wide Web
    WYSIWYG what you see is what you get
    xDSL x Digital Subscriber Line
    XHTML Extensible Hypertext Markup Language
    XML Extensible Markup Language
    XML Extensible/Extended Markup Language
    XSL Extensible Style(sheet) Language
    XSL-T Extensible Style(sheet) Language Transformations
    XSLT Extensible Style(sheet) Language Transformations
    XT Extended Technology
y   Z